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Free Sample Request

Take advantage of your free customer membership

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Free Sample Request Process

1. Sign up for My TAIYO service.

2. Request samples from Free Sample Kit Request Form.

3. We'll contact you with additional questions about your project. Once your request is approved, free samples will be delivered to your ship-to address*.

*We'll ship free samples only within USA and Canada.

My TAIYO Free Sample Kit Lineup*

1. Ceramic Capacitors

  • High dielectric type MLCC

  • Temperature compensating type MLCC

  • Medium-high voltage MLCC

  • High frequency / low loss medium-high voltage MLCC

2. Power Inductors

  • Metal Power inductors

    • LSDP / LLDP Series inductors

    • Other Series Inductors

  • Ferrite inductors

    • LAXH Series Inductors

    • Other Series Inductors

3. Noise Suppression Filters

  • Ferrite bead inductors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Power Inductors

Noise Suppression Filters

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