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Open Innovation Initiatives

TAIYO YUDEN is looking for collaborative partners to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. Let’s leverage our talent and technology ecosystem to promote innovation by working together.

Metal Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (MS-SOFC)

TAIYO YUDEN’s metal supported solid oxide fuel cell was developed by co-sintering technology of metal and ceramic, taking advantage of our unique thin film technology of MLCC.  Robust, high performance under up to 750 ̊C, fully customizable form factor of up to 100x100mm. We are looking for business partners who can develop stacks using our cells.

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Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator


TAIYO YUDEN’s piezo electric actuators realize high electromechanical coupling and low permittivity, due to our improved materials and the original thin & multilayering technologies. Its high-speed responsiveness meets various demands in high frequency and ultrasonic wave fields. Highly suitable for haptic technology or vibration control applications.

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