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Introduction of New Product: Metal Power Inductor


Product Overview

Enjoy superior inductor performance with TAIYO YUDEN’s MCOIL™ LBCN series. Our original metal-magnetic materials enabled excellent direct current superimposition characteristics and low magnetic flux, which yield better performance in temperature dependence and L-Idc, comparing to ferrite products. Multilayer structure process enhances flexibility of case size and profile for your convenience.

Key Technologies

Combination of Unique Technologies:

  • Original metal magnetic material

  • Secure connection to PCB, less risk of open failure, high anti-vibration


Small Footprint with Great Performance

  • High current with small package

  • Flexible case size and profile due to multilayer structure

  • Low magnetic flux


Product Features

Great Performance Compared with Ferrite Inductor:
  • Performs better in temp dependence

  • Excellent performance in L-ldc


[Product Video] MCOIL Multilayer Power Inductor - L□CN Series


Excellent performance of direct current superimposition characteristics and low magnetic flux due to the original metal materials. Flexible case size, low profile.

[White Paper] The Advantage of Using Metal Over Ferrite in Power Inductors

Medical devices ranging from in vitro diagnostic devices to wearable sensors/analyzers/aids are equipped with an ever-growing number of power management ICs, energy management units, and respective power supply circuits. To qualify for the use in medical devices, inductors must both meet the evolving demands as well as basic medical standards.


Learn about the applications and requirements of power inductors in medical applications in this paper.

"MCOIL" is a registered trademark or a trademark of TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. in Japan and other countries.

The names of series noted in the text are excerpted from part numbers that indicate the types and characteristics of the products, and therefore are neither product names nor trademarks.

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